3 Common Human Errors in Investing that the Elderly Should Be Aware of

3 Common Human Errors in Investing that the Elderly Should Be Aware of

Are you 65 or older and you are looking for someone or a situation to blame for not having a great performance in your investing efforts? Well, you should check again, specifically the mirror in front of you. You are probably the major problem. Here are some of the most common errors that older investors tend to make in investing.

  1. Focusing only on today

Older adults tend to focus only on today instead of focusing on the future. It can naturally be difficult to see the value and importance of saving money for tomorrow while there is a lot to spend it on today. This myopia can be very dangerous to you as an investor as it can make you either too passive or too active. Being too active might drive up trading expenses and results in lower returns. Someone who is too passive may avoid normal check-ins on financial health or need Short Term Health Insurance 2020 from https://www.healthinsurance2020.org and instead stick with the status quo that does not prepare properly for the future.

  1. Making emotional decisions

In more often than not, decisions about money are not always rational, even when we believe we are acting reasonably. In other words, it’s not easy to block emotions from creeping into your decisions when money is on the line. On a stock-specific basis, senior citizens tend to allow their emotions to dictate when to sell even if it’s obviously a losing bet. Many investors often hold on to obviously losing investments for too long, and sell winners too quickly whenever they go up. To avoid making emotional decisions, think about your individual investments in the perspective of your entire portfolio and create a plan for when you will sell instead of allowing your decisions to be triggered by emotions or short-term factors.

  1. Pursuing past predictions

Even though financial institutions often remind investors that past performance does not guarantee future results, only few senior citizens listen. Even though it can be tempting for you to look at the broader market’s or stock’s recent performance and make a conclusion that gains are going to persist in the near future, it is not always the right thing to do. Investors usually consider a very small sample of data and then draw a major conclusion, and that is dangerous. Avoid basing your investing decisions only on what had happened in the past. Also think about what is likely to drive gains tomorrow and in the future.

3 Red Flags That Senior Citizens Should Look For When Investing

3 Red Flags That Senior Citizens Should Look For When Investing

The level of financial abuse and fraud directed at older adults is increasing and it worries everyone. While everyone who investing their money should do some research, consult widely, and not make quick decisions, seniors should be more careful when investing because they seem to be the main targets of fraud and abuse.

There are red flags that seniors should always watch for when they are considering investing their savings on anything. Some of these red flags have been discussed below.

  1. Sounding too good to be true

If the deal is too good, think twice. This old adage cannot be overemphasized when it comes to investing. If the deal sounds too good, then it is probably not true, and not legitimate. In most cases, older adults are usually attracted to investments with higher interest rates. It is important to note that whenever an investment has a high return or investment rate, then there is usually more risk. The truth is the high-interest investments opportunities are usually very shaky. You should always consult a trusted advisor if you want higher returns and you have higher risk appetite.

  1. You can’t understand what is being sold

While you don’t want to appear like you are not enlightened by asking so many questions, you should put your pride aside and seek clarifications on  Medicare Supplement plans 2020 https://www.2020medicaresupplementplans.com when it comes to complicated financial instruments. No one should expect you to know everything. So, whenever an advisor is trying to tell you to buy something you don’t really understand, it’s advisable that you ask them to explain it to you in simple terms until you understand what it is. If you can’t understand it, then just don’t buy it. That is how you become a smart investor.

  1. A free lunch

There is nothing in this world like a free breakfast or lunch. You have been around for more than 60 decades and you should at least know this. If a financial expert or advisor is inviting you to a free “educational” seminar and tells you that there will a free breakfast or lunch served, you should not expect it to end without you being pressed to buy something or invest your money on some something you don’t understand. Even if what is being sold at such event makes a lot of sense to you, you should always view it with skepticism simply because there can never be a free lunch.

Tips on how to handle diabetes in adults aged 65 and above

Tips on how to handle diabetes in adults aged 65 and above

Diabetes mellitus is a medical condition that results from the accumulation of excess sugar in the blood stream. The glucose is obtained from the food we eat. Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas and plays a crucial role in absorption of glucose by the body cells. Diabetes is of two types

  • Type 1 diabetes mellitus. In this case, the body does not make insulin. It is as a result of an autoimmune disorder whereby the body’s immune system attacks and destroys the pancreatic cells responsible for making insulin. It is most times diagnosed from childhood.
  • Type 2 diabetes mellitus. This is the common type affects the seniors. The frequency of its growth worldwide is becoming an alarming public health problem. About 90 to 95% of adults that happen to be diabetic suffer from type 2 diabetes mellitus. According to a research conducted, diabetes mellitus (both diagnosed and undiagnosed) affects 10.9 million American senior citizens aged 65 and above. In this type of diabetes, insulin is produced but your body cannot utilize them very well.

Health complications that can be caused by diabetes?

High level of glucose constantly in the blood can be dangerous to the health. It can lead to problems such as;

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Eye problems
  • Neuropathies
  • Foot problems
  • Stroke
  • Renal diseases
  • Dental diseases

Diabetes management

Managing diabetes is not easy both for the old and the young but is usually more difficult more difficult to deal with at an advanced age. Here are some tips to manage your diabetic health condition:

  • Always, always listen to your body

Once you are diagnosed with diabetes, it is essential you listen to your body and to enroll in Medicare Supplement plans for 2019 with https://www.medicaresupplementplans2019.com
. Check for signs of changes in blood sugar level, which may present as- excessive thirst, extreme hunger, polyuria (excessive urination), weakness and fatigue, blurred vision and tingling sensations in the hands and feet.

  • Eat healthy, very important

Go green if you can. Add enough low-carb vegetables like spinach, onions, eggplants, mushrooms and tomatoes to your meals. Take low-carb beverages, drinks infused with fruits and vegetables and enough plain water. Avoid smoking as it would worsen your health condition.

  • Keep active

Regular exercising such as walking, yoga  running, swimming can help with weight management and reduce glucose levels. Having the right weight can help manage the condition.

  • There is no better lifesaver than yourself

Unless it is a case of the frail and dependent seniors but if you can still do things on your own, then don’t take your health condition mildly. Take your medications as prescribed with the right dosage. Do not skip your meals and eat well balanced meal.

  • Remember to check your glucose levels regularly

You need to monitor your blood glucose level as they are usually not static. It could go to the extremes (either hypoglycaemia or hyperglycaemia), if not controlled and both situations can be life threatening.

Only Accept Contractual Employment if you feel like you still have extra Energy

Only Accept Contractual Employment if you feel like you still have extra Energy

You will agree with me that some of the senior may not be in a position to accept the fact that they have retired. In fact many of them may ask their employer to employ them on contract basis. That is just the impulse that comes along as soon as you receive a letter of retirement from your employer. We human being may not accept something that has happened abruptly but as time goes by, we may slowly come to terms with what has come our way. There are a number of tips to consider when deciding whether to work for extra years on contract or not. If you are not employed and over 65 get 2020 quotes for medicare supplements at https://www.medicaresupplementplans2020.com/quotes/

Tips of deciding to work extra years on contract basis

Consider your age

Medicare supplement quotes 2020You age matters a lot when it comes to deciding whether to work extra years on contract or not. There are those employers who will strictly follow labor laws and since labor laws vary from place to place, it is important to check your year when deciding whether to continue with a contract or not. In some places a person is expected to retire after the age of 60. This is an age where you will agree with me that some of the seniors will still have some energy left. That energy can be put to work on contract basis if you still have the energy to do so.

Consider you length of service

There are those seniors who might have been lucky to have work from a very young age. For example, someone might have started working when he/she was at the age of 20. Now that you are hitting the age of 65, it is very crucial to consider if you still want to work even after working for that long or no. Considering the number of years you have worked is very important as it helps you visualize your life and time in labor market.

Work for extra years if the employer is willing to pay well

Sometimes, working on contract after your retirement is a waste of time for seniors. However, some of the employers may decide to maintain you and your services basically because you might a very extra ordinary employee that an employer feels like he/she will never come across. When that is the case, it is very important for you to consider what he/she will be offering as salary.

Part D Medicare Insurance – Covers Prescription Drugs

Since there are different Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 to select from, Part D Medicare insurance can be really be quite confusing. Hence, it becomes crucial to understand the ramifications and coverage, so as to select a plan that provides the best coverage and also is affordable. Such people can consult the industry experts who can make the entire process of selection to become simple and quick.


Medicare Supplement plansMost low cost plans are found to lower down annual costs, while offering full coverage if retail prescription rates are found to be lesser than $2,250 annually. It is only until medications that are being currently taken is covered. The primary issue that is said to surround Part D plan is there exists different excluded drug list that are published by every plan provider. It is apart from the ‘base line’ drug list which is excluded by all plans. The list is also found to include those drugs which are not FDA approved, along with those not sold within the U.S. Certain drugs are there which Part D Medicare insurance does not cover, since they get addressed in Part A & B. Some drugs of different ‘classes’ under Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 have been excluded from coverage. It includes fertility drugs, used for weight gain or weight loss, besides drugs used for treating erectile dysfunction, minerals, vitamins, barbiturates and benzodiazepines. Even though the drugs have been excluded from basic program, supplementary options are often offered with the plan. In few cases, these are covered, if the drug definition fits perfectly the Part D Medicare insurance plan. But not every plan has been created equal.

Premium calculation

Providers are known to come up with their very own formula set for calculating premiums for the different Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 made available to the public. Therefore, the rates are likely to differ from one insurance provider to the other. The covered prescription medications also tend to vary. It is only by researching the right type of plan which works appropriately can help in getting one that charges low and provides the necessary prescription coverage. Hence, it will be useful to take out sufficient time to undertake thorough research and understand the different plans available in the area. Even though it may seem to be time consuming, the end results is sure to be more than satisfactory. There are over fifty different providers offering over 100 Medicare Supplement Plans 2018.

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What is Medicare About?

Medicare is a legislature directed healthcare program for those 65 and more established. You’ll most likely be on it, so it’s critical to see how it functions.  In this article I outline the different parts and coverages that go under the Medicare program. Medicare is a program with different parts. Just the first – Part A – is free if you contributed enough FICA throughout the years. Alternate parts each cost a sum contingent upon your wage and decisions of ‘supplemental coverage’ they offer.

How about we investigate what each part is about. Medicare is isolated into parts:

Section A – hospital insurance

Part B – medical insurance (this is discretionary)

Part C – extra insurance coverage

Part D – offers willful prescription drug coverage offered by means of private sellers

Section An is called hospital insurance. It takes care of most expenses of your stay in the hospital and in addition some subsequent expenses in the wake of being in the hospital. It additionally pays some outpatient medical administrations, including medically essential hardware and supplies, home health care, and exercise based recuperation. Under most conditions (if you’ve sufficiently paid FICA charges), you don’t need to pay a premium for Part A.

Part B is medical insurance. It’s discretionary. If you choose it, the month to month premium is deducted from your Social Security check naturally. It accommodates sure out-of-hospital medicines and is planned to enable pay to specialist’s bills for treatment in or out of the hospital. It likewise covers numerous other medical costs you cause when you’re not in the hospital, for example, the expenses of essential medical gear and tests.

Medicare Part B has generated extra insurance coverages to supplement what it and section A don’t cover. The first is the ‘First Medicare Plan’. Here, you pay your Part B month to month premium and after that compensation for extra administrations as you utilize them. With this plan you may likewise buy Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plan G, or “Medigap” insurance. The term Medigap suggests that these insurance approaches will cover the holes in Medicare installments. Medigap doesn’t fill every one of the holes, yet it makes a difference. More kinds of coverages are consigned to part C.

Part C: Medicare Managed Care and Private Fee-for-Service plans are offered by private insurance organizations. Overseen care plans for the most part fall into two fundamental assortments:

1) health upkeep associations (HMOs) and

2) favored provider associations (PPOs).

HMOs are for the most part more affordable than PPOs however normally more prohibitive in their administrations and selection of specialists. With these last two plans in Part C, you should at present keep on paying your Part B premiums, and you may likewise need to pay an extra premium to the insurance organization and additionally any related deductible or co-insurance installments. In any case, the administrations you get might be more far reaching than those offered through the Original Medicare Plan.

YOU Choose the Best Medigap plan!

Individuals need to know, “What is the best Medigap plan,” and my answer is dependably the same, no one but you can choose. Be that as it may, the truth of the matter is, you would prefer not to get a PhD in Medicare, you just need counsel on picking the best plan for your circumstance. Here at that point, are three criteria you can use to decide for yourself and choose what plan is best for you.

  1. What Flavor Do You Like Best

If you needed to pick between three bits of pie that were the very same size, yet came in three different flavors, how might you pick? Without a doubt, you would pick the flavor you like best.  With regards to picking a Medigap plan, the procedure isn’t so different. Most Medigap plans are “institutionalized” in the state where you live. What does this mean? It implies that the benefits offered by one Medigap plan F are precisely the same as another Medigap plan F. Here is a case to enable you to comprehend that.

Mary purchased a Medigap Plan F from Company X, which cost $159.00 every month. Mary checked with a dealer and discovered she could get the same correct Plan F from Company Y for $106.00 every month. The main genuine difference between these plans was the premium. The Plan F may accompany different flavors (different insurance organizations), however as far as what they are (the two bits of pie and both a similar size), there is no difference.

Your decision for a Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 (or Medigap) ought to be above all else your decision of flavor (and I trust you don’t care for the essence of higher premiums).

  1. Pick Based On Your Health Care Needs

If you are in amazing wellbeing, you may not require an exhaustive plan, for example, a Medigap Plan F, or Plan J. You might be consummately content with the satisfactory coverage gave by a lesser plan, for example, Plan A.  Pick shrewdly be that as it may. Because you are in phenomenal wellbeing now does not mean you will be until the end of time. You know actually, you most likely won’t. If you get lesser coverage now, you may not qualify later for the more strong coverage. With the soaring expense of medicinal services, you might need to secure yourself now by buying the best coverage you can bear.

  1. Pick the Right Kind of Service

In days passed by, there were numerous nearby operators, ordinarily speaking to 1 or 2 organizations who might go to your home, sit at your kitchen table and explain to you concerning why their organization is so incredible. The vast majority today don’t need this. You most likely don’t need somebody going to your home, and you need to have the capacity to look over a few surely understood, national organizations. Finding an online financier that speaks to numerous organizations might be your most solid option. A financier that speaks to different organizations can normally work with you to recommend what is to your greatest advantage.

Be that as it may, do be watchful. There are some purported online statement sites that are not really agents. They are simply “lead merchants.” They gather your data and after that pitch it to upwards of 10 specialists. When you round out a “statement ask for” on one of these locales, you are probably going to get overpowered with phone calls. This won’t enable you to settle on an insightful decision. Pick a financier with a demonstrated reputation, and one that ensures that they will never offer or lease your data to anybody. With this data, you are prepared to be the judge and settle on an educated decision about the best Medigap plan for you.

Difference between Medicare Advantage Policy and Medicare Supplement Policy

One can easily avail Medicare Supplement Plans and Medicare Advantage policy. But many are confused about the benefits and coverage offered by both the plans. The majority of them tend to assume that both are similar in features and benefits. But the truth is something else.

About Medicare Supplement Plans

medicare advantage plans 2018 The supplement type of policy is said to pay after Medicare. It is depend upon the chosen plan that Part Deductible (hospital stays) will be paid as well as Part B Deductible (doctor fees). 20% may be paid by the Supplement policy which is not paid by Medicare and possibly additional 15% (Excess charges by Part B). This is in case, ‘Assignment’ (allowable Medicare charge) is not accepted by physicians. Other features are also covered under this policy like ‘Foreign Travel’.  By having a supplement policy, the insured person can visit any hospital or physician accepting Medicare.

About Advantage Plan                          

It is regarded to be a contract which Medicare has made with any private insurance provider for administering the client’s benefits. Payment is not made after Medicare, but made instead of Medicare. Premiums which are associated with this plan are much lower when compared to supplement plan. But co-payments have to be paid upon visiting the physician or hospital. Different Advantage Plans also exist such as Private Fee For Service (PFFS), PPOs and HMOs.

By availing HMO plan, the person gets restricted to visiting just the ‘in Network’ physicians and also will enjoy getting referrals for visiting the specialists. With PPFS plan, he/she can visit any hospital or physician accepting Medicare, until they accept it. The plan can be accepted on case basis. The Advantage plan is considered to be mandated to provide coverage for what is covered by Medicare. However, at times, things are covered at different rates. But Advantage plan is not accepted by each and every hospital or physician accepting Medicare. Therefore, it is crucial to check thoroughly the Medicare Advantage Plans in 2018 and other plans before signing up for anything. If the person visits a hospital or physician not accepting the plan, then he is likely to be responsible for paying up the whole bill from his own pocket. This is because, nothing will be paid by Medicare. It will be a wise idea to consult the industry professionals specializing in such products and to get hold of a plan which works perfectly to suit individual circumstances and needs.

How to Choose the Best Medicare Supplement Plans 2018?

As a subscriber of Medicare, you would like to save on your medical expenses. Medicare can offer you the chance to do it, although you can save more with supplemental plans. When you plan for the long term, it can be useful for you to compare plans to save costs on supplemental plans. Find out how to compare the various Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 in order to choose the best one for your requirements.

Evaluate your needs well

A year prior to becoming eligible for Medicare, you should discuss your commonest medical requirements with your physician and prepare a list so that you understand the areas where a Medicare policy would assist you the best.

Consider various options

medicare advantage 2018Just before choosing a plan, you have to narrow down to a few options for Medicare advantage in 2018. Do not restrict yourself to only one type of plan. It is never easy to predict which one can get you favorable deals that can take care of all your requirements and match your budget at the same time. Take care that you do not end up paying a lot for a type of coverage that you feel to be the only one that fits your purpose.

Weigh one against the other

The Part B deductible of Medicare might appear as something that your supplement plan should have covered. However, if you are not a person who frequents the hospital, you can possibly do without this type of coverage. Plan F is more expensive than any other type of supplement plan, and happens to be the only policy covering that supplemental cost. In case you get more inexpensive Medicare Supplement Plans 2018, such as N or G that satisfies your requirements well enough, you need to definitely go for the same.

Get various quotes

Get numerous offers and quotes for Medicare Supplement Plans 2018, so that you are able to get many to compare. You can get a list of quotes for your state from many websites. You may also consider asking for a quote directly from agencies that you know about. Do not restrict your options. You can expect the same variety of plans and coverage even some years down the line. It is not wise to choose the first Medicare plan that appears to satisfy all your needs for coverage. Take a look at every plan and carefully compare the various Medicare Supplement Plans for 2018. Although you have the option to change the plan later, it is a good idea to invest some time and thought to compare plans to choose the best one for your needs.

Why you should embrace your imperfections

Many people in the world know about their imperfections and want to change them. They believe that something is wrong with them, and question themselves. This type of negative thinking leads to negative thoughts, which in turn start hampering our self-worth self-belief and affecting our health. So, maybe it is important to ask ourselves the simple question, “why do we think we are not perfect?’
Often people believe the words of others and forget to accept themselves, the way they are. This is what the article talks about- to make you understand that it is important to embrace your imperfections and accept yourself the way you are.

Because you are unique

It is important to accept yourself with all your flaws because the flaws that you are so afraid or insecure about are unique- just like you. There is no other person like you and there is no one who can do a better job at being you. You, with all your habits, your look, your attitude and your beauty- inside and out- are what define you. They are the reason why your family, friends and close ones love you. Do you really want to change that and become like the rest?

They are a part of your history

Always remember that the person you are today and the physical attributes are a part of your history. No one will understand that better than you.
The scars that you have are a proof that you lived; that you have fought through something and survived. So, do not be afraid to show your scars. Embrace yourself, and your flaws, the world will seem a better place.

Defines your character

Your personality and your looks are a part of your character. The imperfections that we have are the things that differentiate us from the others. What would be the fun in changing your defining attribute and becoming just like the others?

Perfection is unachievable

Often, we do not like a part of ourselves and that turns into hatred. We think of that particular trait as a flaw and look for ways to change that in order to become ‘perfect’. Perfection only comes with acceptance and nothing else. If you accept the way you are, with all your flaws; with all your habits and your character, only then you will be perfect.  Find out about senior health insurance here https://www.Medicaresupplementplans2019.com/medicare-supplement-plan-f-2019/