Baby Boomers

Baby boomers are people who were born in the era of 1946-1964. This term is mostly used in developed nations such as united states of America. For example, approximately 20% of the total American population are the Baby Boomers. Baby Boomers follows and embrace different doctrines and philosophies which makes them different compared to the older people and the young generation.

Baby Boomers in the United States of America are less tolerant to matters pertaining change in the country, for example, these matters are related to economic security, individual finances, and vast extent retirement anticipations. Most of the people between the age of 51 to 60 as they approach their retiring age they don’t want to retire, and by so doing they keep on adjourning their retirement. Their bond of contention behind the postponement of their retirement is that they did not harness a lot of benefit during their normal working life as they claim that they were enormously affected by great depression. In fact, according to the statistic done on employment the highest percentage of the workforce in the state is the boomers whose number is increasing exponentially and rapidly.

In matters relating to social changes such as family, life Boomers tend to give conflicting opinions compared to the older people. For example, most of the Boomers claims that divorce should be exercised as there is no any essence of living in unhappy marriage they also support the ideology of the young people who claim that the main reasons why people get into marriage is for mutual feelings but not necessarily for siring and raising children.

On matters relating to personal finances and economic assessments, most of the Boomers always claims that they lost immensely on their investment due to the economic recession that significantly affected the state of the economy in the country. They moreover claim that they have cut their spending since they claim their household income was as well damaged.

On matters about the adoption of new technology the youngest baby boomers age 45 to 55 are adopting technology and digitization at an increased rate, in fact, they spend a lot of their time online since they have home broadband networks just as their cohorts the young adults.

Baby boomers are less religious compared to young adult and old people who pray frequently and attend churches they are even less religious than young generations.

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